Prototype 2 – Material & Blink Test

After successfully getting the GPS subsystem to a respectable place, I wanted to see what kind of size and shape of container would work.

wood-sample-02I’m interested in the lamp being sandblasted/frosted with the light bright and diffuse with the electronics hidden inside. I want to encourage people to touch the lamp, so the palette feels right to be a wood and glass combination, so where a human would grab the lamp, they would be touching a natural fibrous material. I don’t know what type of wood to use. Maybe a burl Maple or a Cherry carbonized. Right now, I’m interested in the base to be darker and more solid that the light emitting top.

The wood base will be an open item for a bit, so I took a large mason jar we have in the office, some tracing paper, an Arduino with a blink program running, and I soldered a bunch of LED’s on a stick.