Inspiration: Venue

We don’t live in a vacuum. Ideas are built on top of those that came before us, and we will hopefully inspire others. I want to record the inspiration and analogous experiences which inform A Mean Center, both to stay transparent and to act as an inspirational diary.

With that preamble complete, I’d like to share VENUEpop-up interview studio and multimedia rig traveling around North America by Nicola Twilley and Geoff Manaugh. A sort of traveling documentation machine, VENUE journeyed throughout the USA in 2013. I love these totems they created carrying a series of recording devices.

VENUE tripods


VENUE devices

These are just beautiful. They were designed in partnership with Chris Woebken and took 6 months to fabricate. Stripping down the tripods to their elemental shapes by powder coating them is magnificent.

In my case I won’t be using the system to create recordings, it will be an active participant through changing light values. I was already looking at surveyors tripods,marking a location was a directly analogous activity, but I think powder coating the tripod black so as to receded into the background would be a better move. I want the lamp to be the star, not the tripod. If my system can be as refined and beautiful as these, then I will have successfully fulfilled my self-imposed design brief. This is a great bar to reach.

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